Outside the Tent

There are two ways to leave politics, in handcuffs or a pine box. I chose differently. After more than 20 years in the political world at the state and national level, I walked away in 2015 because things were going from bad to worse. After spending a few years in the wilderness, I am taking the perspective of living in both the political and real worlds.

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Hey, I learned a lot about politics and don’t have anything left to lose. There is no common sense in politics, and we can be honest about that. I was also at the center of one of the biggest political scandals as Chief of Staff for former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, so I have stories to tell.

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A political has-been opines from the wilderness.


Scott English

Former Chief of Staff to Governor Mark Sanford, Capitol Hill veteran. CEO of a non-profit organization. Political has-been and stamp collecting enthusiast. I've made international news for finding a lost governor and a lost stamp.